Sunday, July 01, 2007


Milestones are such an ominous thing at times. We make them out to be. Saying things like "I don't want to get old" and " At 40 your life is more than half over" just makes things worse. People know that they are getting old but you really are only as old as you allow yourself to be.

Three people in my immediate family have milestone birthdays this year. 75, 60, and 30. Yesterday was a surprise birthday party for my stepdad. He thought that his party was a few weeks ago, if there was going to be one at all. He was suprised and it was a nice party. My husband turns 30 on Friday... yes, I am the older one... but oh well. We are not having a surprise party as the funds are not available. I had big intentions that may just have to wait until he is 40, however, I hope that the funds won't be available then either but for other reasons. I am stuck on how to make his birthday special this year. I am working on a party when his sister is in town. We will see if that goes over well.

I have another party to plan by the end of the summer... My mom turns 60. I need to consult with my stepdad to see if he even wants to throw a party. I don't know what to do about it, however, we may have it at my cousin's house. Though, that might be a bit tricky as his wife may not be feeling all that great by then. They have been trying for almost a year for another child and she is having difficulties with her cycles. I feel bad for her because I understand it, yet at the same time I feel a bit vindicated because she thought for sure she would be pregnant in 3 months again. I know that it mean... I know that it is wrong... yet, she was really certain-almost cocky about it so, while I like her, I am not all that sad for her. Mean... I know...I am not a really mean person but something about babies and pregnancies tends to bring it out.

Anyhow... It is a summer of milestones. At the end of the summer, we will reach 4 years of TTCing without any luck. However, we had some breaks in there so maybe it doesn't count.

Milestones... any big ones coming up for you?


Kristi said...

Not for us this year. I'll be 38 this month and hubby will be 37 next month. So while the downslide to 40 sucks, I'm not quite there yet! ;)

dh said...

does this birthday stuff really matter -- Please don't plan anything for me, as It's a waste of your time.