Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Freecycle... do you use it? Lately we have been giving away things on freecycle whenever it is something that we want gone or don't think we can donate. We were working on the house and cleaning out the garage this weekend. I posted several items on our local Freecycle group but haven't gotten any responses from there so I moved on to neighboring communities. So far three things have been picked up with another three things to be picked up tomorrow. I wish that someone would come and get all of it... but no such luck this time.

Personally, I have never picked up anything on Freecycle. There is one item that is listed right now but I don't know that I want to go thru the hassle of picking it up. How bad is that...LOL.

If you don't freecycle...maybe you should. You can freecycle things that you might put in the garabage instead of donating. You can freecycle almost anything in most groups including pets. Check it out there are groups all over the world!

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