Sunday, July 15, 2007

still working

Yesterday we got a bunch of stuff done. I am not counting any of it as exercise though for my tally. Only because I am in a contest with family and gardening doesn't count for that one. The plan for the week is to be very good eating wise.

We went through the big freezer yesterday after finally being able to get to it for the first time since april. We have to throw out a bunch of stuff which stinks. Some of it was the cookie doughs we bought for various fund raisers. Guess I am doing better on not baking than I thought :) We had to throw out a whole bag of chicken breasts which stink because we would have eaten those had we moved them to the small freezer during the remodeling or after. They go bad next week but are full of ice crystals so I am not going to bother. I also forgot that I had bought Sugar Free cool whip and well, into the trash it goes without trying it since it is long out of date. I wonder if I should keep a list on the fridge of what is in the big freezer? It might help to make sure that things get used up accordingly.

Anyhow, there are lots of frozen veggies in both freezers. We have mahi mahi fillets and tilipia fillets. Looks like we will be eating a lot of fish in the next few weeks. At least, I can cook it on the foreman!

Gotta get back to work!


Annie said...

I need to clean out of my side freezer on the fridge. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a small stand alone freezer but then I don't think I could keep up with it all and keep it from going bad.

dh said...

yah -- we barely keep up with the freezer as it is. We just (hope) to eat everything before it goes out of date.

deb is an excellent cook, so she can put together anything with anything.. so we take care of it fairly easily.