Monday, July 16, 2007

Knocked Up

The movie, not me, was funny. It was typical material for this group of people... well maybe not Katherine Heigl but for the rest of them. We went to see it because so many people from Freaks and Geeks were involved. I guess I didn't realize that the same group had been involved in The 40 Year Old Virgin also.

The premise of the movie that a professional has a one night stand with a stoner type guy without a job. She gets "knocked up" and then it goes through how they get to know each other through the pregnancy and the birth.

It was a funny movie, I would definately see it again.

Although, it is kind of ironic that my period showed up right after but hey... such is my luck of the draw.

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dh said...

when we see it the next time, we need to be drunk.