Friday, July 20, 2007


Powdered Peanut Butter... I need to get me some of this! But it is a bit pricey. The manufacturer sells it for about $4.00 a jar. That is pretty close, if not more than double what I normally pay for natural peanut butter. On Ebay the lowest price is $6.00 a jar before shipping costs. YIKES! The manufacturer charges almost $10.00 for the 4 jars to be shipped... well at least to me.

Has anyone tried it yet? Is it worth it?


Kristi said...

never even heard of it! What's the advantage?

Deb said...

It is supposed to be lower in fat and calories. There are 54 calories for 2tbls instead of 160. Plus a lot of the fat is removed. However, most of the fat in peanut butter is healthy fat.

Also, 1 jar supposedly equals 2 or more regular jars so it does work out to be about the same price if you order it from the manufacturer or so as peanut butter that you buy in the store. If peanut butter prices are about 2.00 a bottle where you are.

I just wish that you didn't have to buy 4 straight from the manufacturer.