Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation and All That...

DH had his eye surgery last week. Everything went fine, he woke up quickly, and has been doing pretty well. Not too much pain but it certainly hasn't been the most comfortable thing for him. He has appeared to gain some depth perception so that is wonderful news. We will see if there are any more improvements the first week in August. Right now, he is eye is still red and he says that the sutures are still there but they should be dissolving away by the end of this week hopefully.

He spent a few days at home and I worked Monday, then had a seminar on Tuesday. Wednesday was the followup appointment and then the trip up north. It took us 7 hours to get up to our destination- a small lake on the Northwestern side of Wisconsin, near Taylor Falls, MN. I had to stop every hour or so because my AF was physco this month. I am blaming it on YAZ, which I stopped taking 2 days after it started. I ended up with a 9 day cycle this month and more than normal heavy days. Blah. I stopped taking the YAZ because I had an almost constant headache, swollen ankles, horrible fatigue,heart palpatations, and I was hot all the time even when I shouldn't have been. All which are high blood pressure symptoms for me. I didn't actually get it checked but the constant headache was enough for me to say no thanks. Plus I am allergic to one of the ingrediants I believe is in it. For the life of me, I couldn't find a list of inactive ingrediants in the package or online. Everytime I tried to call the manufacturer--- they were closed. Since I was getting a rash and now don't seem to be, I'm guessing it was the pills.

Upnorth we did our usual Thursday things. We missed Wednesday but that is okay because most likely I wouldn't have ordered pie anyhow. Friday was a bit screwy but it was okay. Saturday we left to come back here. We stopped at a truck stop type place for breakfast. There was a beautifully painted saw blade on the wall. I wish we could find the artist or someplace that sells her work because I would like to see other items that she paints on. We ran into an antique mall and I found quite a few things to decorate the kitchen with but since I am limited in the amount of money that I can spend at any one time on it, I walked out with only one item. So far I have spent a total of 7.20 on 4 items. I bought a corkscrew that has "2000" on top of it. I bought two things at Goodwill for 10 cents each but I am not exactly sure what they are, however, I believe that they are strainers. The other thing I bought was a "primitive utensil". It looks to be a mini roller and is definately something that I have never seen before. I am trying to find strange or not normally used kitchen utensils to hang on the soffit.

We got home late Saturday and then Sunday we were blessed with a gift of tickets to the Crosstown Classic. After an hour plus on the train and lots of walking, we watched our beloved Cubs win 3 to 0 from the nose bleed seats. I hate US cellular field's upper deck seats. The pitch of the seats is way too steep. We saw lots of people having problems and I still can't figure out how I did that a few years back with a cast on my leg!

Anyhow, since Monday it has been back to work and other weird things.

Nothing all that exciting but it was still too short. May I have a few more days off please?

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