Saturday, June 09, 2007


My husband and I have the longest decision making process in America it seems. It has often times frustrated those around us because it seems that we are procrastinating on major projects. The kitchen project was very frustrating for us because we didn't have time to make decisions the way that we would typically. Especially with a project that larger and costly.

Why is our time so long? Well... I am pretty impulsive and my husband is very methodical and needs to look at every angle before making the final decision. Most of the time, it works out that we meet in the middle and come up with a decision within a reasonable amount of time. Most of the time...

Decisions with large consequences usually take a long time to make. I am wondering if the kitchen project actually had an effect on our process. It seems that it may have in some ways. My dh decided to have a surgery on his eyes fairly quickly. Normally the good, bad, pros, cons, effects, etc would have taken weeks maybe months to sort out. It didn't and his surgery has been scheduled for a few weeks. It is this coming Friday... I am a bit nervous but it is an easy surgery and he is healthy so it should be okay. It will be the first time that he has ever been under full anesthesia. There are some risks just like for everyone but it will be okay. Worrying is not an calorie burning activity so there is no reason to do it.

Now, if only we could make the final landscaping decisions for the front it would be wonderful!

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dh said...

Considering all of the decisions that I generally make, actually take forever (due to the described decision process) -- I just figured, "what the hell", why not?" -- considering that my out of pocket reached max already, and I've wanted to get it done for awhile, I just decided go with it without further decision.

Some items require further decision, and apparntly (as i've learned recently) some items don't). I didn't see this as a "waste of money" I saw as it as a decision that can promote value -- and it's not some piece of shit material that we spend something on. It's human.

I've been annoyed by having to deal with business people that give me an odd look, and don't want a negative impact on the fact that I was looking at people at a 30 degree angle. Belive it or not, many people believe I'm ignoring them b/c i'm not lookin at them square in the face.

Maybe i'll get my ass out there and find something that uses my value better, and promotes me better in the workplace. Currently, I feel that my current position is stuck in limbo, and I'm sick and tired of it. I want to learn more & more and increase my "capacity" -- yes I manage a 16M company's IT services. But the capacity to which I work can be greater than what I'm doing.

Odd shit. Hopefully it turns out well. My eye is tired and i'm going to bed.

No matter what ever happens in our lives, I love you -- don't ever forget that.