Tuesday, June 05, 2007

and so it goes....

Things around here are calming down for a bit. Work isn't quite as crazy, the kitchen functions as a kitchen again complete with food in the cabinets, my meds (knock on wood) seem to be agreeing with me, and the weather has been cool although a bit humid at times.

This calm before the storm won't last I'm sure... I only say that because today we went to get my DH's preop testing done. Next week he has his physical, we have to babysit, and his surgery is Friday. The following week he goes for a followup and we leave from there to go to the Lake to get away for our annual fishing trip with my inlaws. We won't be there as long as we would like and chances are it will be less active than normal due to DH's recovery but it should be good. Then we start the birthday party season for a bit... but hopefully they will all go smoothly.

Other than that... it is keep on trucking. I would like the house to be pretty clean before DH's surgery since we are leaving anyways a few days later. Plus we have some yard work to get done so no relaxing in store for this weekend :)

Anyhow... now, if I could just make myself go to the gym.............

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