Sunday, May 06, 2007

Reality Check

Tornados suck... literally.

I can't fathom waking up and realizing that the town you grew up in is gone. Wow.

Spring/Summer storm season is here. Brush up on where you would go in an emergency. We don't have a basement so we huddle in our first floor bathroom whenever the sirens go off. Believe or not, they do go off in northern illinois quite often at times. Luckily, we live north of the local tornado alley.

Be safe!

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Kristi said...

We have a basement, but nowhere is there a spot away from windows. I guess we might huddle under the rickety stairs if a tornado actually hit us. The problem we face is getting the cats down. The first time, we just carried them, and they cried and cried....then they were so terrified of the basement that they would take off if we even opened the door. The second time we shoved them in their kitty carriers to take them down. Yeah, that went over well. LOL