Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Big Day!!!

Well for us anyways! The countertops and sink are being delivered today. Anytime now they will show up in a big truck and be onsite! Yay!!!
I think that my dh bought a faucet last night but I am not certain. He had a bit of a meltdown trying to make a decision about it. Honestly, this has been really hard for him. He is a technical minded person and making decisions without much info is a task that does not come easy to him. He said something about buying a faucet that was 50.00 more than the one that we picked out the other day so I honestly don't know what he bought. I don't want to see it. I really wanted the satin finish faucet, however, we are adding a water filter since we used the faucet mount kind religiously. Since we have a new sink, we want the pull out sprayer type faucet instead. Hence, we need a different solution for water filtration. Going without is not an option in our well water town. I decided that a chrome finish faucet was perfectly fine since the water systems we were looking at came with a chrome faucet but to get a satin finish one was an additional fifty dollars. Not what I wanted to spend right now. Oh well... I will deal with it. I just hope he didn't buy one that comes with the soap dispenser because we don't have enough cutouts for that. There are four on the sink and the only free one will be the filter.

Anyhow... I resolve to quit whining about this once I see that it will be functional again. I still haven't painted the long wall. Kind of dumb huh? But, I ran out of time between work, other kitchen prep, and family things. It is almost over, It is almost over! Again, I so wish this had been planned so that things could be organized!

Chaos... does not do a body good.

Have a happy day!

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Linda Symonds said...

You haven't overlooked the imporatance of a home water filter! Great work. Too many spend too much money on looks and too little on function.

Water filters are important for everyone in these days! During a home renovation is the perfect time to install one.

Linda Symonds
Home Water Filtration Systems