Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crazy Day

Today== Crazy day

I started off going in for the annual exam with my gyn and I almost ended up at the wrong office. So I barely made it in time for my appt. I like my gyn. Went thru the exam. Talked about our TTC situation and adoption situation. Didn't even feel the pap part (yea!) and it was over. I did ask her about a bcp to help with the PCOS symptoms and to maybe help get my insulin under control. She offered me some samples of Yaz but I have to get my bp checked in a month to make sure that it is not causing problems. This was the dr that told me before I gave up to soon after only trying one pill but now she sees a problem? Anyhow, small price to pay if it may help in the long run. I don't have to go for another ultrasound unless I want one. Unless, I start getting pain again, I am not going to waste the time. I have the hormone symptoms of PCOS and the insulin resistance without the usual string of pearls cysts on the ovaries. I get occasional larger ones but by the time that they do an ultrasound, they actually bust during the test and they don't see them anyways.

Dh had his eye consultation today. Only way to correct the problem is with surgery and there is not a laser option. It may help with some symptoms but there are no guarantees. The only thing that he can sort of guarantee is that cosmetically it may help. I would love him not to have to stand on an angle to look straight at something. I wish that we would have pushed the issue 5 years ago but alas the dr said it wasn't too bad then. blah... not the best place in your body to have loose muscles :(

We need to do some more research on the dishwashers. We found a fairly good deal on a mid level Bosch at Lowe's. We also found a good deal on a LG at home depot. The LG one though needs to actually be plugged in because it is fully encased unlike most dishwashers. Trying to decide what we want has been painful but the LG offers a half load setting that will do either the top or the bottom rack whereas the Bosch only offers the top rack.

Microhoods, faucets, and lighting options were also on the shopping list today. We came up with a ton of questions but unfortunately no answers! See... we usually take our sweet time trying to plan projects not even half this size--so this is all new to us and sometimes we just can't take a step forward that fast. Hopefully we will have the dishwasher situation sorted out...however, I just realized that we forgot to go to the store that we bought our tv and check out if they had any of the Siemens deals left. whoops. guess that is for tomorrow.

Anyhow... I am off to bed. Still not very caught up with work but I need sleep. Have to go into the city tomorrow but shouldn't be too bad. However, I have 4 appts to set up so that will be fun! Not complaining at all right now... when I work, I make money which we seem to be bleeding at the moment.

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Kristi said...

One thing I've learned (sometimes the hard way) with eye professionals is that you should always get a second opinion.

We have a Siemens dishwasher and like it quite a bit. It was tough to choose one but it was on sale with free delivery at the time.

I'm sooo glad I don't have the cysts. My niece gets them and has had so much pain. :(

Take care - have a good weekend, and hope you find all the things you want/need for the kitchen!