Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Just a moment for a little grass roots PSA. I am volunteering this weekend for the walk that I did last year. It is for the local chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation. Last year, DH and I walked and raised about 350 dollars between us. My sister bested us by double! This year, none of us are walking for various reasons. I did decide to quell the stranger fear inside me and register to volunteer at the event. I got my assignment today and will be manning the banner where the local walkers sign to show they were there! I hope that it is a gorgeous day and that a bunch of money is raised.

This cause is near and dear to me because DH has a seizure disorder that he currently takes 6 pills a day to control. We are hopeful that with his doctor's help, he will start weaning from the meds sometime in the next year. However, it may not happen as he still has seizure activity. Not Grand Mals...but petite mals and if you didn't know it, you wouldn't guess it from talking to him. I know when his brain is misfiring-it is my job to do so. No one else would probably ever know. I hope and pray that I never face the day that his brain misfires in the wrong area and he doesn't talk again. It is a very real fear and a cure would make that go away. At the same time, I am very thankful that his disorder is controlled so well by the meds. He can drive, work, go shopping, do yardwork, and enjoy a bit of alcohol without the fear that any action may trigger a seizure. There are many people that aren't that lucky.

If you are so inclined.... add them to your charity list.

PSA over.

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