Monday, May 07, 2007

On the upside?

Well,this morning I went and got my cavities filled. Yea me! While at the dentist's office I was watching Oprah. Criss Angel the illusionist was on and he broke Houdini's record of escaping a straight jacket while suspended in air. I think his show would be really interesting to see live. Apparently, he is starting a regular tv show called "Mindfreak" also sometime in the near future. I have seen David Copperfield live and while it was cool--I remember being disappointed that it had cost a ton of money for tickets and it wasn't all that I expected. We were trying to remember who the one is that walks through the plate glass window... it may even be Criss Angel.

Anyways...since my mouth is numb I need to eat easy foods today. So far, I am on a carb fest. I had a slurpee and some easy mac so far. Before the dentist, I had a banana. Hmm... seems I'm going to be releasing more insulin today than I have in awhile. Stupid PCOS. Maybe I will get a fruit and yogurt shake later from Steak and Shake. That would at least increase the protein intake right?

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Kristi said...

Mmmm...easy mac. Hey, it's one day, pick yourself up tomorrow, no problem. :) Glad you got your dental work done and over with. That's always such a joy to look forward to.

I had pork at Olive Garden tonight that was so buttery tender that you could've eaten it with your numb mouth. LOL