Sunday, February 04, 2007 is finally up and running....

Only 3.5 hours of working on the entertainment center between the two of us. Only 3 temper uprisings between the 2 of us. Only 2 slightly banged up thumbs and 1 squished finger.

More damage and pain was inflicted when we moved part of the old entertainment center upstairs...we now have a new hole in the stairwell drywall. Now that it is 3, hopefully it will be the last one. I think that we need to just tear the whole stairwell and drywall down and start over :) Oh yeah, and dh squished me between the unit and the wall for a good 3 minutes. Needless to say it was quite the exiciting yet extraordinarily cold weekend. I still made it to the gym 2 times--GO ME!!

Anyways...back to the game!

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Kristi said...

Looks great!! I am a total dunce when it comes to putting things together. I look at the instructions and it's like my brain suddenly can't understand plain (or poorly translated) english anymore. LOL

Bummer about the hole in the wall. I think we've done that with every place we've lived one way or another. In this house, the back of my monitor was the culprit.

AWESOME job on getting to the gym!!! Keep it up girl!