Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fade To Black

Fade to Black by Alex Flinn is a young adult fiction book. Similar to Nothing to Lose it tackles a heavy social issue in a manner that would appeal to a younger audience but is still sophisticated enough to capture an adult's attention. In this book the issue is HIV. A teenager, who is infected with the virus, transfers to a small town high school and has to deal with the fact that the school adminstration informed the entire school that he is HIV positive. That kind of disclosure is against the law but that isn't what the book is about. It is about how the student, his family, and the school deals with an assualt that puts the main character in the hospital. I would definately recommend this book to any parent who has children of junior high age or older. It tackles the sterotypes of an HIV infection well and it gives a new perspective on who can be infected.

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