Monday, February 19, 2007

Letter to my fellow gym members

Forgive me, because some of these sentiments are a few weeks old.

First off, to the 60 + year old women who are lifting weights and starting their workouts at my highest speed--Kudos. You are a great inspiration and I want to be you at your age.

Second, to the college frat boy who is always working weights. Here's some news, just because I only see you in the gym once a week or less, doesn't mean I do the same workout every day. Also, I am walking on a treadmill less than 3 feet away from you, while you are discussing my workouts with the older gentleman you just criticized, do you think that I can't hear you? I am the only female in a yellow shirt. I am not deaf even with my headphones on.

Third, to the older woman in the yellow sweater...who are you to be concerned about my workout. You are wearing a sweater to work out--what do you know about my fitness level. Just because you haven't seen me before, doesn't mean that I am a first timer. Thank you for your concern but please, don't worry about me. I am more worried about you surviving your workout in your turtleneck sweater. Find a sweatshirt or t is the gym, you can dress down.

Fourth, to the lady who always says hello to me in the locker room. Thank you. I have said hello to others with no response. It can be an awkward place...but does it need to be silent. I appreciate you acknowledging me every time you see me. Hopefully I can do the same for someone else.

Fifth--to the college age guy who works the front desk. You don't need to be so intimidating. Just because I am not a hottie, doesn't mean that you can't be nice to me. It is your are supposed to help others. Do the job that my fees pay you to do and get over yourself because the hotties are not looking at you. They are looking at the 30 year old gentleman with the huge muscles who is running on the treadmill. I know this because I am too.

Oh yea and I almost the older gentleman who is always dropping his weights...I forgive you that only because you informed the boy who was criticizing you that I vary my workouts plenty and that he must not be very observant.

To anyone else, if you have some helpful knowledge for me, such as correcting my weight lifting form, please share it. If you want to encourage my fat butt to keep working out, please do. But if you are going to just tear me down a bit--shut your mouth.

Thanks for your time.

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Kristi said...

Dang! Makes me glad I go to Curves and not one of the many traditional gyms in town. I'd be telling people where to go! LOL

People are such jerks....don't let them tear you down. You're better than they are in many, many ways! You're doing great!