Saturday, February 10, 2007


Boy what a week. It started out innocent enough but work picked up again and I caught a cold. Not fun at all. DH has been working late for the last 2 weeks and sometimes that makes cooking a pain. I did try a few new things in the past 2 weeks though. I made a very simple chicken/broccoli/rice casserole but was told that it needed more flavor. I also made a beef/rice/mushroom/pepper/onion casserole that came out okay except that it was a bit too "soupy" for our tastes. I had mixed cream of mushroom soup with beef stock instead of milk and didn't measure it against the can as I should of. Overall though it has held up well for left overs.

Today is a lazy day but I already repaired the grout in the tub (with the wrong color but I don't care as long as there is no water leaking behind the tile) and finished a book. to the gym. Such a boring life lately filled with work, work, and more work. One of these days we will get to have an adventure again...oh wait-we did, the Cubs convention. Okay So, I am just bogged down with work. I think I do it to myself. I think that things have to be turned around much faster than they really have to be at times. But alas, the faster I get stuff done, the more work I can take in, which equates to more money to save. Heh---the neverending circle.

Vacation days this year are going to be taken to work on the house, little things that we can do but never seem to have time to tackle the whole project all at once. Like painting, oh how we hate painting, but it really needs to be done. Not just all the areas that we never painted in the first place but we have lived here long enough that we need to paint the stuff that we first did when we moved in. The only exception is the closet. I also have this deep need to paint the garage, which most people find amusing but there is just something about our 4 years of scratches, lines, and dirt mixed with the probably 20 or so years before that. Most of the garage is plain drywall that as never been painted. I have no idea if it is the original drywall or not but even a garage deserves more than 25 years of grime on its walls.

And now... I am rambling, my mind is racing, and I need to get to the library and the gym. I get to go and pick up "YOU on a Diet" again. I had it before but there were requests for it I didn't get it finished. There are more requests for it again but hopefully it is still there...they said thru today.

Better get running-literally.

Have a happy weekend!


Kristi said...

I envy your household repair skills. I don't possess them at all. Even most simple repairs mystify me. :-/

Keep up the good work with your exercise!!

Deb said...

Umm... Don't really have any skills. I am still shocked that we managed to complete the entertainment center and the grout. We normally balk at even simple things because we just aren't not mechinically inclined.
thanks for the encouragement with exercise.