Sunday, February 18, 2007

And so...

Still don't have much of a voice. But I am feeling better as the congestion and all the gunk cleared out for the most part. I'm guessing it was a bacterial infection that turned nasty since that stuff started clearing out right away with antibiotics. Last time I had this type of infection and I didn't go to the doctor I was still all gunky 10 days in-- so much improvement.

Dr was concerned about my blood pressure. She always is but I reminded her that we decided that I would try to control it without meds. Basically she told me to come in for my physical in March and if my BP is not down, it is back on meds I go. She has a right to be concerned. High BP runs on both sides for me. My father died before 55 from heart disease and my mom deals with several meds to keep hers in check. Both my paternal grandmother and my maternal aunt had heart attacks before the age of 60. Needless to say, I am the same body type as both of them. I need to get it in check. I knew it was all screwy again and I still took NyQuil. She was not nice about the fact that I took cold medicine as I have been taken off of allergy meds before because my bp is particularly sensitive to decongestants. Blah...I thought NyQuil no longer had a decongestant but I guess we have an old pack.

Probably doesn't help that I haven't done much exercise this week but it can be discouraging to be at the gym and just start coughing. I did do some walking and stretching at home the other day. Maybe I will get my butt to the gym today-it was part of my weekend goals.

In other news--eh, nothing to report. Just another month. Another cycle. Anyways.

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