Friday, February 23, 2007


Yesterday I committed to completing 205 exercise minutes by the end of the day Wednesday. That averages out to 30 minutes per day. I definately think that it is doable. I would love to be more. Do you know how many I did yesterday?


See... I get started and then when a snag hits, I can't pick up and roll again. I just need to do that. This week sleeping in has been more important than getting up and moving. I feel better but dh is stressing which in turn is making me stressed out. It is not his is mine.

So I commit that by the time I go to sleep tonight I will have at least 35 minutes done since that is what I need to average to make 500 minutes by Wednesday.

I should have gone for a walk yesterday in the beautiful sunny but very windy weather. Oh regrets.

TGIF except I have to work tomorrow.


Kristi said...

I've slept alot this past week as well...I just seemed to be tired all the time. I've struggled alot with the exercise part, but I have to do better for many reasons.

I wish you the best of luck with your goal - I know you can do it!!!

Deb said...

Thanks Kristi. I don't know if it is all this snow or what the deal is...I just seem stuck in time or something. I hope that you were able to get to curves this week.