Friday, January 09, 2009

O... just another month or so of no news-

I have the first available appointment for that surgeon. She was just on vacation so she is backed up unfortunately and she only does these types of procedures two afternoons a week. At the location that is most convenient, her first available was Feb 2nd. I called the other office because for some reason this particular location is not linked with the central scheduling. Very strange since I am so used to just calling one place and they can tell me the openings for all locations. Anyhow, the farther location didn't have an opening until Feb 25th so the 2nd it is. I just hope that no matter what the results are that I will get them back promptly and before my birthday. That would really be the best way to start my 35th year, no matter what the word.

I have a feeling that she won't call with the blood work results until the biopsy is back with maybe the exception of the insulin/PCOS results.

I am already hanging on by a thread, just trying to figure out how to get a full day off sometime next weekend for only the 2nd time since Thanksgiving. I really need to focus on making good choices and not eating any trigger foods because with everything going on it is definitely a risk of a binge. I don't want to do that. I can't let myself comfort myself with food during this time. I already see it slipping into that with choices I have made over the last few days but I can't go back to that place.

Okay, back to work.

ETA: They called this afternoon. I didn't check the messages until right after they closed so I have to wait until Monday to find out what the blood work showed.


battynurse said...

Hope you get good information with the lab stuff and the thyroid biopsy goes well.

Kristi said...

Strength to you my isn't easy, but it is worth the battle!