Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was wondering why Ted Allen didn't just step into the role of judge for Top Chef while Gail was away for her wedding/honeymoon. They had been alternating fairly regularly. But... I found out why! He has his own cooking contest show. Have you checked it out yet? It airs on Tuesday nights and I recorded the first one after the fact and then recorded the second yesterday. I watched the first one on Monday and am watching the second today. It is interesting, sort of a blend of iron chef and some other shows. I like the mystery ingredient idea.

In other food contest news--- RESTAURANT WARS is here! Tonight! Catch it today either the first or second showing otherwise it will be cut by 15 minutes. That part is getting a bit annoying but I will forgive them for this episode! Can't wait to see who the teams are and who gets stuck with Stephan!


bethkyle said...

Stephan is a jerk!

Deb said...

I agree he is a PITA. I haven't decided who I like of the people that are left because I liked Eugene and Ariane. so.. on it goes but I just bet there will be some kind of Stephan blow up. Not sure how I feel about the drama of Hosea and Leah. I hope it is only a brief part of the episode.

Kristi said...

If I were the significant others of Hosea and Leah, I wouldn't be after seeing THAT episode! That was soooo lame. (Oh I didn't mean for it to happen!) Riiiiight.

I could not believe how dumb the person was who got sent home. Like they didn't have a functioning brain cell in their body.