Saturday, January 17, 2009


The pharmacy gave me the metformin ER version of the med. This is the problem... I am afraid to eat. I took my first pill last night and now it is 115pm and all I have had is a small bowl of chunky applesauce. I am afraid to eat anything with much fiber or that might have the wrong kind of carbs. This sucks.

And besides that... when I went to the pharamacy, they would only give me enough pills to get thru January. Something about a new policy and they fill a prescription in two sets now but you only get the pills for the current month. WTF? I need to call around and see if it is only a WG issue or if it is a new federal thing. I would have thought that we would have seen notices about it though regardless. Seems awfully strange to me since my insurance paid for all the pills now. It isn't like it is a narcotic.


Kristi said...

Metformin gave me the trots for the first few days I took it, but now I'm fine. Don't be isn't going to make you explode, just possibly a little uncomfy for a short time. Ken didn't have any issues when he started it.

I hadn't heard of that new "rule" either. Have to see when we fill our prescriptions this coming week.

Deb said...

My previous experience was problems the entire 6+ months I was on it, each time. I don't know what is going to happen but today I am trying not to stress about it.