Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Goals

I am going to do this a bit differently this year since on paper I failed miserably last year at meeting my goals. I am going to set quarterly goals instead. Let's see how this goes....

1st Quarter Goals for 2009

1.Read one classic book

2.Read one nonfiction book (not about infertility)

3.Finish the office cleaning/organizing

4.Work towards following South beach Phase 2---90% of the time

5.Try 12 new recipes (including ones I make up as I go)

6.Register for another session of Tai Chi

7.Try Pho at Baaran's

8.Go to the Burpee Museum

So... are you a resolution person, goal person, or neither?


Carrie said...

I'm not a resolution person at all. It ends in guilt for me. I can see the appeal though especially as you can tick stuff off.
12 recipes! I wouldn't manage that in a lifetime!

aLiCe said...

Thats a very clever idea. Personally I like to say Im a resolution person, but as always they dont last! lol. Esp the resolution to 'win the lottery'. I hope you manage to make yours though.