Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 In Books

I managed to read 32 books this year. I started a few in December but with work craziness they are still not done. In no particular order my 2008, top 8 are:

Rosewater and Soda Bread

Harriet the Spy

Townhouse, a novel

Stealing Buddha's Dinner

Good Grief

Good in Bed & Certain Girls A Slight Cheat but it is a sequel.

Water For Elephants

Empty Picture Frame

Three of these books were for the BBBT. I might of gotten around to two of them if I hadn't participated but I doubt I would have sought out The Empty Picture Frame

I am glad that I kept track of my books in Good Reads this year, otherwise, at this point I would have relatively no clue what I read in the first half of the year since my computer crashed. There is a widget on the side so you can see what I have just finished... it hasn't changed recently but hopefully that will change in the New Year!

What were your favorites of 2008?


Kristi said...

Let's see, I read:
- Kite Runner
- Red Swastika at the Crystal Palace (worst book EVER)
- The Time Traveler's Wife
- some baseball book I can't remember the name of (and am too lazy to go look at)
- French Lessons
- Ender's Game
- an R.A. Salvatore book (in the Drizzt series)
- The Last Herald Mage
- a fantasy book about vets and an alternate universe (I left it at the house in Oregon)
- two Babylon 5 books about Bester and Psi Corps
- Spin
- Good in Bed
- Part of a book by Obama

Think that's it. We're starting the Poisonwood Bible in book club. I've heard that you either love or hate the author so we'll see. I need to get it from the library.

Deb said...

Wait... you forgot the Labatomy book or is that the Red Swastika one?

Deb said...
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Kristi said...

Oh yeah - My Lobotomy. See, I knew I'd forget at least one. :-D