Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't get it

I thought I was past this. I don't understand why these stupid comments/questions are knocking me for a loop. I binged yesterday after the nurse called for the fourth time. Yep, I let her silly questions and warning about pregnancy knock me from my unstable perch.

Today was the warning that the Vanquia, which she prescribed for calming down the hair growth if I wanted, is a class c drug. She wouldn't prescribe Spironolactone because I couldn't take BC. I haven't even filled the Vanquia prescription. She had told me that it was expensive but I just haven't had the chance to check the insurance to even see if it would be covered.

I realize that they are just covering their asses. I get that. I understand that they don't know the extent that this has troubled me. I understand that they need to make the risks known. I am more aggrevated at my reaction to simple questions then the questions themselves. It just is apparent that this new endo is practically convinced that this is going to be an issue when I start taking the glucophage xr. I wish I had her faith. She hasn't said it to me but it must be common enough in her practice for this to be such a big issue. If only she knew the reality of the situation. I will not be getting pregnant on glucophage xr. Especially now that she made such as an issue of it. DH has already said that he will go get protection if necessary. WTF why should we do that if what they are so concerned about happening is what my heart desires? I know that I would be high risk but if it happens, it happens... why should we prevent what supposedly we both really want?

I really need to get some work done. I need to get past this and just do what I need to do which is figure out when I am going to be willing to start the glucophage. I wish Friday wasn't so booked with appointments because I would be alright with starting it tomorrow night but with all the running around I have to do on Friday I am worried about getting stuck trying to find a bathroom in between appointments. Guess I will start it Friday night.

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bethkyle said...

just catching up...wow, very insensitive - obviously not a staff used to dealing with fertility issues - it sucks that they don't get it :(