Monday, January 12, 2009


The laugh is on me. All the hormones are within normal ranges. Even the ones that should be wacky due to PCOS. So maybe... I have metabolic syndrome instead of PCOS since I never have the string of pearls on the ovaries? Don't know. Won't know until I see her in March or sooner depending on the biopsy results. What I do know is that I understand she needs to cover all the bases but why or why do I have to try Glucophage XR again? I really hope that this time it doesn't make my life miserable. I was eating only once a day on it before because I couldn't handle the GI issues. Maybe I can figure out a way to eat that won't be so bad. But last time I could only handle carbs which is not what is supposed to happen.

Oh yea... and what the ever loving hell is up with medical personnel who don't read files or ask questions sensitively that have to do with birth control?

Nurse with a tone that I can truely not describe right now: Doctor wants to make sure that if you are sexually active that you are using protection.

Me: No, we haven't used protection in the 5.5 years we have been trying to have children, with the exception of trying the BC pills to regulate the supposedly now normal hormones.

Nurse: Well, Glucophage may increase your chances of getting pregnant so dr wants you to use protection or plan accordingly.

Me: Okay, well it didn't before and I was on it for awhile. We will definately keep that in mind.

Nurse: Seriously the Glucophage can increase your fertility so be aware.

Me: Okay, thanks, please call it into walgreens.

well.. my responses are embellished a bit but her's not so much.

Gee... if Glucophage was all I needed I would have been pregnant years ago. And other than the obvious high risk issues... would it be so bad if I did get pregnant? Is there something that I don't know besides the risks a person of my size with HBP deal with? Seriously... it is happening to women smaller than me all around it seems so if we were lucky enough to have it happen, I would deal with the risk. Yet, I doubt we will be so lucky just from one med.

ETA: I know that I am uber sensitive right now and that probably added to the frustration. Plus, the nurse called me back no fewer than 3 times after this conversation today and it is very obvious that she was having a bad day since first she lost the pharmacy number than she wrote it down wrong. Now they are questioning a med I am on and she called at exactly 5pm when I was in the middle of the grocery store. So it starts all over again tomorrow but I am going to wait until I am on my way home to call her back. Hopefully it will be a quick question.

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