Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ramblings of a tired woman

Still here...

My mom had surgery last week so I was running between her house and mine for the past several days. Next weeks she starts back to work and has PT so I will be helping out with the driving until she can drive herself. My dad can drive her to PT this week since it is just that but my mom doesn't want to overtire him so one trip out is better than two since she works about a half hour from their house and she is going to PT near her office. Since her surgery went well and the issue wasn't quite what they thought, she has been having an easier recovery than anticipated. This is great and she will be returning to work about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. She will probably be back to work full time almost by the time she was just going to start back part time so her boss is very happy since no one knows how to do her job completely. While this is good in some respects, it also causes her a lot of stress. Just like my husband... no one else can do all that he does at his office so he has a really hard time letting go and taking time off.

I was dreaming of a warm weather getaway but we won't be able to pull it off. We were going to head to spring training but then my mom's surgery popped up. So then we were going to go to opening week in Houston. But, that appears to be out also. The bathroom, well, it has become the money suck of the moment. It needs to get redone and the more I look at things, the more I realize it is going to cost a bunch more than even I thought about. I wish we didn't have to spend the money but there really is no choice.

but... tonight, tonight I am wishing that our numbers hit on the mega millions. We are in a pool with a group of people but even if it means that we can't quit work completely, I wouldn't mind having the house paid off or even just the student loans. Or... well, I won't let my mind go there right now. I am trying to accept reality and it appears that childless is our reality.

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Me said...

I know of several IVF clinical trials going on. I can't say for sure if you would qualify for any of them or not. But if you did pretty much all of the cost of the cycle would be covered. Except would have to travel. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the links.