Friday, March 13, 2009

Metformin ER Update, maybe TMI

So, I was awfully nervous about taking metformin again. With good reason, the previous times that I have been on it, I had been ill all the time. I was only eating once a day and still having to visit the restroom in urgency all day long.

This time around, I have changed things up a bit. I have been avoiding the raw veggies during the ramp up portion of the dosing. I did finally have salad yesterday and no issues but I have been on the current dose of 1500mg for about 3 weeks now. I can't seem to get up to 4 pills per day. Every time I try I end up with horrible nausea and dry heaves in the morning. I go back to the endo next week and I know she will have something to say because my weight is up on the meds...not down. Part of that is that I have been on the Met long enough to have my cycle screwed up on it. I don't understand this and my other Dr could never explain why my typically 31-33 day cycles go to 44-48 and sometimes skip completely while I am taking the Metformin. Most women have the opposite reaction......their long cycles become shorter. The problem with the longer cycles is that my body still starts gaining "water weight" just as it would for a 31 day cycle and yet, she still isn't here yet.

So I am a bit down about that... my weight is within 7lbs of my highest. Yesterday... it was within 4lbs but I drank a bunch of tea and had asparagus to hopefully get rid of some of the sodium bloat and AF water. We will see what happens. I think I am going to try taking 2 in the am, 1 at lunch, and then 1 at dinner to see if that has any impact on the dry heaves and nausea. I have to work in the morning tomorrow but I gave myself a bigger window so that if there were issues I would have time to settle them down.

Things I have been doing differently this time that seem to be helping...

1. Eating a banana with my morning pills
2. Actually eating 3 meals per day even if I am worried about issues. When I skip breakfast and take my pills late I usually am in the bathroom for the rest of the day after lunch.
3. Taking my evening pills at dinner time instead of bedtime with a snack
4. Reducing my refined carb intake
5. Sticking to the no raw veggie rule for at least two weeks after a dose change.

so that's it.... I have to make an appt to see my GP about BP meds and then I see the endo in a week. Yay! :( Is it bad to say that I really hope AF shows before my appt with her so I don't have to hear her say I might be pregnant?

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