Sunday, March 08, 2009

Project Runway...

So apparently, there was a season of Project Runway that was shot for the most recent fashion week but due to conflict between Bravo, Lifetime, and the show's producers who apparently pulled the show from Bravo without rights... it still is in the closet.

Here is the quote from the Wiki.....

"The as-yet unaired sixth season was the first season of Project Runway to be filmed in Los Angeles rather than New York. The season was filmed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising,[6] and pre-finale filming concluded on Friday, October 17, 2008.[7]

The sixth season had been announced to begin airing in January 2009 on Lifetime, but this did not occur. The announcement occurred before NBC Universal sought preliminary injunctive action effectively enjoining production. The launch may be further delayed due to Lifetime's request that the suit between NBC Universal and The Weinstein Co. be removed to federal court.[8][9][10] As of January 30, 2009, the court case is still in state court, with no trial date set.[11]

The three finalists of the sixth season showed their collections at New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park on February 20, 2009, but the finalist designers were not named and did not appear onstage. Their identities were kept secret to protect the suspense when and if the season airs on television.[12]"

Bah, and instead we will probably get another town of Real Housewives... yeah, because Atlanta was so great Pffft.

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