Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fabio--Top Chef 5

.... Earlier in the day when the Reunion aired for the first time........

LOL! Fabio was just on The Bonnie Hunt Show which I rarely watch because she can be annoying to me but today with Charlie Gibson and Fabio I was LMAO.

Even the idea of Chocolate polenta didn't turn me off. Fabio was doing his typical, "I am Italian, I don't know much English" schtick and I had to laugh about his google comment.

....... After the reunion........

Anyhow... I am glad that he won fan favorite. Interesting that Leah and Hosea would be dating but only if he moves to New York. Seems like maybe they don't really want each other that much.

Casting has started for the next season!

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Kristi said...

Yeah, he may have been arrogant, but at least Fabio was FUN....and darned sexy to boot. ;) Stefan was just a dick.

Leah always seems so shallow to me. Not sure what Hosea saw in her unless he's that shallow, too.