Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks and goal progress...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good day. DH bought me a wii fit and also tickets to see Jersey Boys. I am going to admit that when I guessed the gift of the wii fit, I gave him a hard time about making me feel old and fat. That could be why then he ordered the Jersey Boys tickets but he says he had planned that anyhow. So in a few weeks we are going to be completely out of our element and going downtown on a Friday night. Then hopefully at some point over the weekend we will be going to lunch at a new place with Kristi and her hubby :) So that will make a good weekend after my mom has surgery on Fat Tuesday. She won't be able to do much for weeks so I really hope that winter has given over to just cold days and that no more snow is in our future but I highly doubt that.... it is Chicagoland.


So I set some quarterly goals and so far I haven't made much progress on anything other than trying new recipes. I need to post the ones that were successful like Lentil Sausage Soup.

1.Read one classic book (I am trying to pick one from my stash and having a difficult time since I don't know what I want to start with!)

2.Read one nonfiction book (not about infertility) (Too bad Twilight doesn't count ;) )

3.Finish the office cleaning/organizing (It is so aggravating, the room is a mess again so almost need to start over... so ticked at both of us about this)

4.Work towards following South beach Phase 2---90% of the time ( I think I am just going to start counting carbs again but not fully decided yet)

5.Try 12 new recipes (including ones I make up as I go) I think that we have tried at least 7 new recipes and if I count the fondues that I am making today we will be at 9. I am also planning on a new recipe for dinner Monday night so then 10. This is really an easy one for me because we like variety.

6.Register for another session of Tai Chi (I am disappointed because they are on Monday nights or Saturday mornings again. I was hoping the day would change... I don't really want to take a Monday night class.)

7.Try Pho at Baaran's

8.Go to the Burpee Museum (We are heading to Rockford next weekend for dinner... hopefully we will get on the ball and go early so that we can knock this one off the list---*Hint, Hint* )

Okay... I am off to do a bit of Wii Fit training, laundry, and some prepping for our family dinner today. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Kristi said...

Let me know how you like the Wii Fit. :)

I can't wait to go to Siegelman's, and it's always so much more fun to go with others. :)