Thursday, February 05, 2009

I am eating regular food again and will actually cook for the first time since Monday tonight. On the menu, pork chops with tomatoes over rice. I don't think I will be eating seafood anytime soon. Top Chef really took any interest in it out of me this week :) I was disappointed that Jamie went home instead of Leah. I wonder if they kept her in just to see what would continue to happen with Hosea. Her behavior in the quick fire alone was enough to let her just leave.

One thought I had last week that I didn't include was that I always wondered if they sent the others home early but after all of them were in the audience for the Top Chef bowl it makes sense that they keep them sequestered until they are done.

Work has slowed down to a much more manageable pace but I still haven't had a full day off since Christmas. I am really hoping that will change this weekend. We are supposed to go to my inlaws on Sunday. Which is fine... but I really hope I can take tomorrow or Saturday off so that I don't feel like my only days off are visiting my inlaws. Also on the task list is ordering new glasses. I have been walking around missing a nose piece thanks to the cat for far too long. I just have to break down and do it.

Next up on the home remodeling project? The bathroom... it isn't our choice but it needs to get done as things are leaking and can't be repaired without being replaced. Since it seems silly to replace something that is just going to get torn out soon we just will have to start that project sooner than anticipated. Now to actually get to the stores and pick out what we want. Our biggest disagreement will hopefully be whether to go with beige tones or gray tones. We have to gut the whole darn thing so it will be a fun project. It really is a basic space so I don't think a designer could really help much and we have to keep the bathtub because it is the only on in the house. I would love to put a tubelight in but I don't think it can be done and still have a good space for the exhaust fan. I need to talk to DH about maybe putting a tubelight in the upstairs hallway. It is pretty dark up there if all the doors are shut. If not a tube light... maybe a crescent window or similar with frosted glass might be okay. Since we want to reside the house anyways...that may be the better choice since we don't need a new roof. But who knows when that will happen now with the bathroom. Ugh... I don't want to make those phone calls but we will need to sit down and find some contractors for quotes soon before the toilet falls into the dining room.


Kristi said...

Wow, I wish I hadn't read your blog for another hour. I'm just about ready to watch Top Chef and should've known you'd blog about it! Ah well. I haven't seen it yet but I am very sad that Jamie is gone. She was one of the only ones left that might even halfway deserve the title.

Your bathroom sounds like ours. I expect to fall through to the crawl space any day now. :D We had another guy come out and look at it yesterday. Ours, too, is being gutted.

Kristi said...

OK, having watched it, I can understand why they sent Jamie home, as much as I also wish it had been clueless wonder Leah. What a tough challenge!