Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I made it 10 days

I made it a whole 10 days before I crashed and burned. I should be working but I haven't been able to put a coherent thought to the keyboard in hours. So instead I have been shopping online and took time to eat dinner with DH in front of the tv. Yes, our bad habit is back simply as a time saving measure.

I will go to bed in a few minutes, just waiting for the next kitchen and dining deal to pop up on Amazon to see if it is worth getting and then I will place the order of the day and go snuggle with the cat. The alarm will go off again at 3am tomorrow and luckily I only have 1 appointment. I didn't even want that one but Friday wouldn't work so I had no choice. I must write up a bunch of stuff otherwise I will just keep falling behind. More orders came in today so the end doesn't appear that close in sight. I doubt I will be able to crank out enough reports to make up for the money not made in November but I can try. Darn rate drop... did it have to come during the Holidays?

Diet--eh not so hot. Hormones? They seem to be raging and I didn't take Provera this month because I didn't want to deal with a wicked AF while baking cookies with my mother. As it is I still may end up with AF here then but I can only hope that she starts tomorrow so the worst is over.

Okay... the new deal isn't that great. One of the Keurig (sp) single K-Cup coffee makers for $60.00. No thanks, we'll stick with our 12 cupper. Though I did pick up

Band of Brothers for $25.99. Now just to figure out who is going to get that.

Happy Hump Day

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bethkyle said...

And now we are over the hump! Good luck on finding more deals!