Sunday, December 28, 2008


1. Read 5 non fiction books not related to infertility (Eat, Pray, Love Lost Boy Why I'm Still Married)

2. Read 3 classic books ( Harriet the Spy)

3. See 1 play (Doubt this will be done due to money issues now)

4. Eat Indian Food

5. N/A I guess I didn't log in soon enough and that blog is gone, along with my list. I lost the original copy when my laptop crashed before the fatal injury of late.

6. Read Intuitive Eating

7. See 12 movies in the theatre - 4 down

8. Go to the Planetarium

9. Go to the Burpee Museum

10. See Blue Man Group (Doubt this will be done due to money issues)

11. Redo backyard landscaping (Not going to get done this year)

12. Volunteer at 2 events (Didn't get to two, but did start a reoccurring volunteer assignment that started in December)

13. Finish the kitchen-- The outlets are done, now just need to fix the wall, paint again, and install the microvent.

14. Install doors on the laundry (Not Going to get done this year)

15. Make the 3rd bedroom liveable space of some sort (Ha Ha Ha)

16. Read 3 Biographies not related to Infertility (Lost Boy , Stealing Buddhas Dinner,

17. Go to at least one agency introduction meeting Done, Journeys of the Heart, Nov 16th

18. Attend 6 consecutive Sundays at the Church in town we have wanted to try

19. Refinish deck or decide to build new one and actually do it --(Not going to get done this year)

20. Go to Oklahoma for Memorial Day

Things not on the list that I consider an improvement. Went to Cubs convention on the fly with no plans when tickets were available on opening day. Went to a Cubs game and met my new hero Holly when tickets fell into our hands for free. Didn't freak out too badly when the garage door that was just replaced in the last 3 years broke due to DH leaving something in the way. Tried many new recipes throughout the year and went to a Vietnamese restaurant for the first time. Not a stellar year but I guess not a wasted one either.

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Kristi said...

The invitation is always open to come down and have indian food. :)