Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been crazy. No real time to post but some bullets:

* I have 4 appointments tomorrow and 8 reports due before Christmas Eve

* Family drama at the annual Christmas event and it is wrecking havoc on my brain.

* I don't know why I let the family drama effect me so much except that I am part of the problem in a way since it is related to Step Family issues and well, I'm the step that tagged along.

* It is freaking cold and I really, really, wish we had moved South even if they have to deal with ice.

* Chili over potatoes is DH's new favorite dinner. That's whats for dinner tonight.

* We can't seem to make ourselves watch the last two episodes of My Own Worst Enemy since we know it has been cancelled. I think the last episode was last week.

* 2 Years ago this amount of work would have taken me half the time. This market sucks.

* I just realized my SIL gave us meatballs to take home from the party. Goodee! Dinner tomorrow is Spaghetti and Meatballs honey.

* I believe we are done with shopping as long as DH stops and gets a gift card tonight. I need to stop and get a box or two of wax for my dad to give to my mom. for her hands... I know, I never had a wax bath either.

* I better go work or I will never sleep tonight.

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