Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Please GO. Quietly and not fight this. We don't need to spend the money to impeach you. I'm still astounded you got reelected. So while we know you are now at the Federal Building, when you get home figure out your plan but BlaGO GO. Your real persona has been evident since the initial investigations came to light.

Updated: Originally posted from my blueberry so I edited the qwerty mistakes I made. It will be an interesting few days/weeks in Illinois, especially since the legislature is not in session currently.

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Kristi said...

I often wondered how he got reelected as well. Now we know - he probably bought the votes.

Our food day tomorrow is going to be in his honor since it's Dip Day. :D My coworker said we needed to fix something salty, fishy, and oily to represent his best qualities. ;)

Overall, the news of his arrest and the charges against him made our day much brighter!