Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show and Tell at Mel's

Show and Tell

This is my first attempt at a homemade strawberry limeade. I will admit that I cheated by using some premixed limeade but it is still pretty good. The sun came out about halfway through making this and after the storm this morning that is a wonderful gift.

Why a strawberry limeade? They remind me of my father. I first remember having a strawberry limeade at a stand in Faneuil Hall in Boston while visiting my father on a school break. It became a tradition. Those trips to Faneuil Hall were our time even after he got remarried and there was always a street performer to watch or a new cart to check out. In the 'burbs of Chicago then and even now, a strawberry limeade was/is practically nonexistent but in the East and South they seem/seemed common to me. I'm sure there were a few cherry limeades thrown in there too but the strawberry is what I prefer. Strawberry beverages are rare and so were visits with my father... so it fit.

When we went to visit Tulsa for the first time I had to make a trek to Sonic. I knew from the commericals that we see all the time that they carried them... how very annoying it is to see commericals every day for a place that you have to drive 200 miles or more to get to. Anyhow, the strawberry limeade fit and I think I had one everyday we were down there for that visit (only 3 days but hey). That first one was enjoyed with my Pops in the car and served as a great common thread. When we had to go back to take care of his remains and celebrate his life at his church... I remember vaguely downing more than 1. This last visit to obtain a bit of closure was 5 days. I had two but you can bet that one of those was after the visit to the cemetery.

May this sweet and tangy beverage always evoke happy memories of my Pops. He was a multifaceted man and I miss him tons. So today on Father's day, I am enjoying a bit of taste memory. Happy Father's Day Pops, I miss you mucho.

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Carrie said...

That was a great show and tell. Thank you so much for sharing. Its funny how memories can be so strongly associated with an item.
I loved the look of your drink too

JuliaS said...

When I first saw the picture I thought "That looks like a cherry limeade - YUM!" Then I read that is was a STRAWBERRY Limeade and I thought "Definitely YUM!" because those are THE best!

What a sweet post - thanks for sharing it with us!

butterflyanla said...

Limeade how yummy!

Lori said...

That looks quite refreshing!

It's funny how our senses can transport us to a time and place and memory.

Kristi said...

Very nice post. :) There is a Sonic somewhat less than 200 miles from you in Pekin, of all places. That would be approx. 130-150 miles? Oh well, it's too far for us and we're only a half hour away. We're subjected to their commercials, too. :( That and Red Robin.