Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Couples Meme

I got this one in my email. I tag anyone who wants to play. Maybe we can come up with more questions....

Couples Meme--- Answer the questions with both you and your partner in mind. Copy and paste into a new email and send to your couple friends.

1. What question is repeated the most around your house?

Did you feed the cat?

2. What phrase is heard most often from both of you?

Right now it is "shit or get off the pot"

3. Who washes the dishes?
He does

4. Who does the laundry?
I do

5. Petnames/Nicknames?

6. Favorite dinner menu?
Texas Roadhouse :)... uh well, the only regular repeat is Balsamic chicken with mushrooms and we haven't had that in ages.

7. Sex---Plain vanilla or hot and spicy?
A little bit of both... ;)
8. Time served?

Almost 8 years legally, 11 years total

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