Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day

It is here! The season we have all been waiting for...well, around these parts anyhow. It is supposed to rain today but the best opening for a lull is the rain is during the game today. I am lucky enough that I will be home to watch the first pitch but will have to listen to part of the game in the car. Attitude is key this baseball season... for more than just baseball.

I am working on turning my attitude around in most things. I started reading this book yesterday. Even if it is a regurgitation of other material, hopefully something will sink in and allow me to continue to improve.

Anyhow... Happy Baseball!


Silver said...

Have followed a link from Carrie's blog (Precious Little). I've often beaten myself up about my attitude to life - weight loss (or lack thereof!), worries and, of course, not being able to get or stay pregnant. Reading about and chatting to other girls in my position, it does seem that attitude is everything. It's not what's going on in your life, it's how you look at it. Now, how to achieve the right attitude without medication or a personality transplant - that I'd love to know ;-).

Diane said...

Go Cubbies!!

Kristi said...

Go Sox!!!!