Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I am surprised:

  • That I like the onion box slicer that my SIL and her family gave me for my birthday (it is probably the same type that JP was talking about in the comments the other day and has been very helpful with the fragrant onions we bought as long as I don't hurt myself trying to slice an onion)

  • That we use the garbage bowl everyday and both are wondering why we didn't try this sooner

  • That I am creative enough to take Easter dinner leftovers and turn them into a dinner that looked completely different and was pretty tasty

I am excited:

  • Because our first Cubs game tickets came in the mail the other day

  • We haven't been to a game at Wrigley Field since 2006

I am curious:

  • Because my cousin is being more accommodating than ever before of others

  • Because I don't understand why

  • Because I can't concentrate on much lately

  • Because I seem to need an awful lot of sleep lately

  • About the weird construction like sounds in the neighborhood

I am disappointed:

  • That there is still snow on the ground in the front yard

  • That the weather looks nasty for the end of the week

  • in myself because I am behind at work

So, off to work I go...

1 comment:

jp said...

Onion slicers rule!! (they do take a bit of arm strength, depending on the size of the onion).
Wow about your snow on the ground. Thankfully, I think we are just about done with that here.