Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Letter to my body

Mel over at Stirrup-Queens and Blogger put a call out for Letters to Your Body posts. Below are my thoughts. Here is the link to the original post as for some reason I can't get it to work the way it has in the past http://www.blogher.com/letter-my-body-3 .

Dear Body:

There are so many negative things that I could say in this moment. Most likely you have heard all of them at this point, but repeat them I won't. What I could ask is "why are you broken?" but I won't. I could beg for you to do what all woman are supposed to be able to do but I won't. Why?

Because I accept the responsibility for all that has been done to you. I know that I am the cause of the problems. I don't understand why you and the brain don't work in conjunction with each other except to conspire against me but I can get over that. I don't want to dwell anymore on the negative. I want to portray a positive attitude and accepting you, dear body, as your are is part of that process.

Does it make it any easier admitting that I am most likely the cause for the hormonal issues that prevent you from doing what I want most? No, and it won't. Does it make it any easier to overcome the nudgings of the brain and avoid the junk food and other comforts that would derail you, dear body, from losing weight? No, and it won't. Does it make the pain go away, either physical or emotional? No, and it won't.

It won't until I try. Will you, dear body, help me try to overcome those issues by oh, I don't know... letting go of some of the weight when effort has been made? Will you, dear body, fight off the pain and let me continue to build my strength? Will you, dear body, ever fulfill my dreams?

You won't, unless I try. I need to try to do things differently and to look at things in a better light. Reality is that through all the negative times, you dear body, have been the one doing all of the work. You have been pushing me through my depressive moments, my painful moments, and my emotional moments. You dear body, have been doing all the work to make it to this point. For that, I am grateful even if you don't look anything like I wanted you too at this point in time. I am grateful that even though I hurt, I can still move so that I can feel that pain. I am grateful to you dear body, that you allow me to wake up next to my husband in the mornings.

Thank you for all your hard work,


P.S. May I suggest just one thing? Send carrot and nut cravings to the brain instead of chips and cookies. It should help in the long run if you are craving the good stuff to make it known. Thanks!

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