Sunday, April 01, 2007

Things Unfinished

One of my really bad habits is that I start stuff and then never finish it. I don't do this with all things, if I did, I wouldn't have a job etc. However, sometimes I do this with hard stuff or with boring things.

I was cleaning off my documents from my old laptop today. It has been running like crud for a long time but now my DH uses it as a bonus computer and he was complaining so I thought I would see just how much junk I had on it that wasn't needed. Quite a bit actually and I sent myself some of the photos I had stored on it. As I was going through the files I came across my 101 things in 1000 days list that I started. The finish date is November 10, 2008 if that gives you an idea of how old it is.

Here is the list I started. Bolded items have been completed actually.

101 things to complete by November 10, 2008

1. exercise 24 days a month at least 12 times
2. Lose 100 pounds and maintain it
3. Complete a one mile walk--fundraiser
4. Complete a 5k walk--fundraiser
5. Complete a 5 mile walk---fundraiser
6. Read 31 books (16 Read in 2007 already)
7. See 31 movies in the theater
8. Take a cruise on lake Michigan
9. see the Cubs play in 3 different parks (Not in Chicago)1 Done!
10. paint the garage walls and floor
11. redo the rear deck
12. redo the front landscaping
13. buy a new car
14. fix the rear fence
15. go to all major museums in Chicago (1 museum down)
16. Go the Brookfield zoo
17. try 31 new fish dishes (3 new tried)
18. attempt to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers in the yard
19. go to Fort Gibson again
20. refresh Spanish language skills so that can use it for work
21. Go to a Bulls Game
22. See 5 plays
23. Go rollerskating
24. Have a matrix marathon
25. Buy a bike and start training on riding from my house to my parents on the bike path
26. Eat at a Japanese restaurant
27. Eat at an Indian Restaurant
28. try sushi
29. visit Seattle and Victoria
30. get another pet

That is as far as I got. 30 items to complete. I might just start again, but who knows. Too bad I didn't add things like clean out the gutters ourselves or go to a used CD shop. Oh well...

I wonder how many of these will stay unfinished.

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Kristi said...

What an interesting idea! Although I'm sure that if I made one up, it would sit unfinished for the most part as well. :-/

Want me to invite you down for a play and then we can get indian food afterwards? :D

What I need is a more short-term to-do list that involves housework and exercise...