Thursday, April 19, 2007

One Long Whine

In the last 30 days:

* We discovered a water leak from our dishwasher in our kitchen
* We received a collection letter from our original mortgage broker saying that we owed them our first mortgage payment ever even though it was paid
* We found out that we had to file an extension because other people have failed to provide necessary tax information to us in a timely manner
* We found out that my husband has to have eye surgery
* We found out that my insulin levels are through the roof
* We found out that a family friend has bone cancer in her spine...this is her 4th bout of cancer
* We had the seat belt get all messed up on one of our cars and it wasn't covered by the warranty---it was the first repair ever that we have had in warranty years not covered in the last 7 years.
* I have gotten my period twice and well...not 30 days apart
* We found out that a close coworker (so close that she helped him get his job) of my husband's is quitting tonight
* We have had to demolish our kitchen because of above water leak
* We stumped the orkin man ( but they did call back today and say that once the effected items are out of the house so will the bugs be)
* My doctor yelled at me for gaining weight
* We found out that our cat takes after my weight gain/loss issues
* My mother had a stomach cancer scare and still can't have a full colonscopy but's not cancer so okay good.
* I have been worried about DH's job since said coworker has announced to us that she was leaving.
* My work has been soooooooo busy (that is not the whine) that I haven't had time to do much if anything around the house so right now it is a complete clusterfuck since it was a mess to begin with
* My washer and dryer is in my kitchen so that means we are in great need of a trip to the Laundromat
* I have been soooo fatigued that I have been going to sleep at 9pm most nights.

Okay..well whining didn't help but maybe sleep will as I have to get up in ooo 4 or 5 hours to get the report done that I can't concentrate on now.


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Kristi said...

Seems to me you have lots of reasons to whine there. :-/

Hope you're passing the tax penalties along to the people who are procrastinating. :(

Hang in there hon....and whine/vent all you want to - it's healthy to get it out.