Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dodged another bullet or did I?

Well, the results are in. My a1c is well within normal ranges! Yay! Still not diabetic. However......

the c-peptide results were not so good. Apparently my insulin level has jumped quite a bit over the past several months. Not a good thing. Everything else was within tolerable ranges including my cholesterol...HDL was just 44 so need to work on getting that up some more. My TSH was 2.7 but he didn't give me the lab ranges so I don't know what that corresponds to. Some people say that anything over 2 is considered hypo but when I suggested that previously I was told that the lab ranges are different. He did tell me that he doubts I have an insulinoma since according to him I would be passing out from low blood sugar if I did.

Anyways...I walked out of there with a BGL monitor to make sure that when I am having my "episodes" my Blood sugar isn't going dangerously low. I also got samples of a new medicine to try. He was originally going to add actos to my daily pills but then decided to switch to a combo pill when we were talking about the GI symptoms I am experiencing. Hopefully I will be able to tolerate the highest level of this med and that I will be able to stomach it. Most importantly is that my insulin levels go down with it instead of going up.


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Kristi said...

I hope the new medicine works well for you, and great news on the A1C!!! I'm hoping my next one will be below 7, preferably close to 6.

Let me know how the new meds and monitoring go for you.