Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday Fun

So Saturday is usually a lazy day around our house unless we find the motivation to work on the house and get the shopping done. DH went to breakfast with a friend and I refrained from doing anything. I finally left to get a haircut and while at the local Supercuts (I was being cheap, she did a pretty good job), I remembered that I needed to pick up rolls and ingredients for the traditional green bean casserole. Luckily the Supercuts is near our local SuperTarget so I was saved a trip to the next town over.

Running through SuperTarget, without eating breakfast, is not a good thing. But, I am proud to say that I resisted the jelly beans once again and have not picked up a chocolate bunny. When I got out to my car, I called in a sandwich order. Ran over and picked that up and went home. This is where is gets a bit harry....

I brought the groceries and sandwiches in. Our fave feline was acting a bit off and was glued to the patio door. I just figured that one of his buddies was visiting and went about putting away the groceries. When we were done putting away the groceries, he was meowing at the door and I went over to see what was going on. One of his buddies was visiting and usually she runs away when we come to the window. She wouldn't move and she didn't even turn around when I knocked on the window. It was pretty cold out yesterday and I was concerned that there was a problem so I went outside to check on her. She was sitting on our deck but was facing away from the house. When I went outside, she couldn't even make a noise. She tried to meow but nothing came out. She actually sniffed my hand and did not run away. Something wasn't right because she tried to get up but only made it so far.

I went back in and told DH. He said "okay, let's call animal control". Now, don't get me wrong. I understand the risks that an unhealthy cat can have on our healthy one but I didn't want animal control to pick her up. I really thought that she was one of the kittens from across the way that run around all the time. I wanted to go over there and find out if she was but DH went out and looked at her. He said that even if she was one of their cats, that they haven't been taking care of her and that we should take her to a shelter. Closer examination showed that she has a really bad case of ear mites. She has a wound on her neck and is covered in bugs. Her fur is mottled and matted in spots. She is really thin and could hardly "talk".

We called the local humane society but they no longer take strays. You have to go through animal control and then they rescue them if they haven't been adopted in the time frame that animal control allows. I didn't think of calling the other local shelter before DH called animal control. In this time frame, she still hadn't moved off the deck. Highly unusual for the cats that come into our yard all the time. She didn't even get up when the dog next door started barking at her and running up and down the fence when he saw that I was outside. She tried to get up but couldn't.

Dh got off of the phone with animal control only to be told either call your police station or capture her yourself. At that time, I had already grabbed an old towel and went outside. She let me pick her up with no issues. I brought her in the garage and she continued not to fight. When DH came into the garage, she decided she wanted down. When he went to put her in the carrier, she did try to run out of the garage, even jumped up and rammed herself into the back door but then she just stunned herself. She was a bit feisty to get into the carrier but it only took 2 attempts.

I really just wanted to keep her in the garage over the weekend and take her to the vet Monday afternoon but DH was adamant that she get checked out right away. Especially since she normally runs away and it has been so cold out again. Our vet was closed for the day by the time all this happened so unfortunately the only option was animal control. We took her over there and she was quiet in the car. I'm not used to a cat being quiet in the car as ours howls and screeches when he is in the car. When we got there the vet tech took her back. She is a lot older than we thought so definitely not one of the kittens from across the way but I wonder if she is the mom. She really looks like them. He agreed that she is probably sick but didn't appear pregnant. Only time will tell. Animal control does not notify people that bring in strays if the animal becomes adoptable. I don't like that but I understand. I'm sure there are several reasons why.

By the time we got back, we had to scramble to get ready for dinner. We both took second showers just to be sure that we got whatever germs she might have had off and then rushed to get out of the house for my inlaws anniversary dinner. It went well but I regret not picking up the check for them. They didn't want us to pay but we still should have. Bad kids we are I guess.

As DH said, we will pay them back in the long run. We are planning on washing down several of the walls while they are on vacation this summer and we will make sure that we buy meals if we join them up at the lake this year.

Anyhow...DH didn't feel well after his meal last night and even still this morning. We didn't get to a church for the holiday service. Guess we really are the heathens people think we are :) I wasn't as good as I should of been last night but I didn't eat anything other than that meal for the day so I'm sure it evens out. I know...really bad habit but I had bought lunch--just didn't get to it.

Happy Easter and don't eat too many jelly beans.

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Kristi said...

Oh the poor kitty! :( That just breaks my heart. I hope she wasn't too far gone to be helped.

What did you end up getting at the restaurant last night?

Hope hubby is feeling better soon! We didn't get out to church today either. :-/