Saturday, April 28, 2007


With all of the crazyness of the house, I haven't been to the gym in forever. I haven't been there since I injured myself with the interval workout at the beginning of March. Blah! I lost the contest with my family members and we talked about starting a new one however, everyone is going thru remodel hell right now except for one person. Not the best time to start something up. However, it might pull the focus back to the goal.

My personal goal is still in place. I would love to get 1200 minutes of exercise by Memorial Day, however, I haven't been counting painting and moving boxes. I guess if I paint for 8 hours I should count part of it huh? That will be the only way to make that goal right now.

The scale is still bouncing between my January 1st weight and a few pounds up from that. I haven't seen a number below my January 1st weight since last year. I have an appointment with the Gyn on Wednesday for the annual speculum visit. I plan on talking to her about birth control. I don't need it since I can't seem to get pregnant on my own but maybe it will help with getting other things under control. Like the icky hair growth among other things. I know that last time she wanted to do some tests but that was over a year ago so who knows what she will say now. All I know is that things are different now since we are not TTCing. Hopefully she can offer some insight and some options to help get the weight off.

Happy Saturday, I'm off to paint!

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Kristi said...

You should most definitely count all the painting and stuff! That's just as much exercise as anything else.

I'm having trouble deciding what to do about birth control pills. I don't need them for bc either since I've had my tubes tied, but if I take a high dose, I gain weight and have terrible fatigue and cramps. If I take a lower dose, I lose weight but get acne, hair growth is worse, and my periods go on for 7 days. Grrrrr Take it all out please!!!!

Don't forget to post those pics!