Sunday, January 20, 2008


Oh my word.... the past few weeks have been really busy with work. I spent most of last Monday catching up on work from the week before. This past week was crazy and this weekend was noteworthy!

For once... I just said "screw it" and dropped everything when DH basically had Cubs convention tickets fall into his lap at less than face value! We tried to pay face value for this tickets but he wouldn't let us! We both had been shopping around but paying double face value wasn't something that we were willing to do as it just perpetuates the problem of over priced tickets to all kinds of events. Anyhow...

So Friday, I was going to finish up a report I was working on and then head downtown a bit after DH but before BINGO! Instead I ending up racing out of the house because he called to tell me that he didn't have his ATM card and wasn't sure he would be able to withdraw money at the bank. Luckily our bank still works like a bank and lets you withdraw with ID, unlike one of our old ones. Yes, I know it is wierd not to know that after 5+ years but we usually use the teller for deposits and the atm for withdrawals. By the time that he called to say that he was fine with cash I was 2 min from the train station and the train was less than 10 min away. Going back home wasn't a great option because I would be home for less than 30 minutes before I had to leave to get the next train so I just took the earlier one. It worked out well. We missed the opening ceremonies and didn't particpate in the Autograph hunt but we checked out BINGO but couldn't get a card. We ended up walking around some of the display booths and eating a decent dinner at the hotel restuarant. I think we did something else on Friday but I don't remember what it was :)

Saturday we had to catch the first train into the city to make it to the panel that DH wanted to see. We ate a light breakfast at the train station since we had time when we got there and then headed off. It was crowded as expected and I am always surprised at the number of small infants at events like this. I know things happen at the last minute but it seems crazy to take a 3 month old to an event with thousands of people and where there are panels that the audience should be quiet during. I say should because I was annoyed with the number of cell phones going off and people just talking on them right in their seats while the players were talking!

Anyhow.. it was a really long day and it was bone chilling cold out. It took about 20 min to warm the car up when we got back to the station and there was ice on the inside. Of course, DH decided that the car just had to be run longer so we ended not getting home for 2 hours after the train came in.

Sunday morning it was tough to get up. DH kept saying if you want to work we can stay home but I told him that the last thing I needed was him telling people that "I didn't get to go to Sunday session because Deb had to work" so we got up and went. We drove in and I screwed up the time that his panel was so we were there early. We took advantage of that time to get our 1 autograph of the convention. Last year we only got one also because we didn't want to wait in the REALLY long lines to get autographs. This line was shorter and it moved fast. Of course, DH thinks that this player will be moving on before the season starts but eh, who cares... he played during the most recent pennant season. I was really glad that I sat in on the roundtable discussion of the Hall of Famer's... well 3 of them anyhow, because the display that went with it was not worth the drive and the parking.

After the discussion was over we headed out to a northern suburb to meet up with a friend that I have been chatting with forever it seems. We have never met in person but it was a good time and we hope to get down to her area to visit soon. We headed out to a local mall and had lunch at an interesting restuarant. The food was decent and the company good so that makes it better. Then I finally found a coat that has long enough arms for me. It is a women's style too which is as awesome as the clearance price! It will work well once the weather warms up a bit. We also made a trip to Trader Joe's and I picked up more than I should have but it is all good. We never went grocery shopping this weekend so if I can ever get to the store to pick up some roast beef and bread we will be all set for the week. I was disappointed though because they didn't have the asian mixed veggies that we like and they also didn't have shelled edamame. They still had the same ones in the pods but I don't want to have to take them out of the pods when I cook :)

Anyhow... there is lots more but I have rambled enough. I need to go make some tea and figure out how to warm up my toes... they have been freezing since I got home.

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