Thursday, January 03, 2008

Taking Bets....

We are due for some really wonky weather and I am taking bets that it won't happen. They keep saying that even though yesterday it was so cold that our furnace ran almost constantly to get the house up to 66 degrees that on Sunday it will be 50 degrees outside. Even today it is seriously cold out but at least the furnace isn't constantly running... of course, I turned it down to 64 only to be told that we had to compromise at 65 because 64 was just way to cold. Um... 1 degree? Not that much of a difference these days.

I am betting and hoping at the same time that the 50 degree weather doesn't come. Why you say? Oh because that dramatic of a change causes way to many people to be sick and since I feel like I have been fighting a cold, when not all out really sick, since Thanksgiving... I don't need to be going to every appointment to meet a sick person. Besides... the snow that is still white is pretty :)

Above freezing... no windchill... these I would love but springlike temps as a tease are not welcome here! :)

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