Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union Musings...

Or what DH found amusing throughout the speech. (Note, no time stamps because DH was replaying stuff multiple times.)

During the President's entrance there was a gentleman behind him that looked like he was in pain... DH felt he was holding in gas.

Madame speaker was apparently doing some mouth exercises during her close up after she sat down behind the President... hopefully her mouth doesn't freeze that way.

Gee, Bush was way to happy when he presented a tired idea and finally got a full standing ovation.

Representative Flake?... Good thing he isn't in a snow state.

Oh gee... another full standing ovation. Who is in the front row egging him on to smirk?

It took me 25 minutes to figure out that Dick Cheney was sitting behind the President.

Whoops... the camera man nodded off...

More mouth exercises for Madame Speaker. She must really be falling asleep.

Ted Kennedy was reading a book. (O... I guess it is the speech, he's forgiven)

Dude, fix the public schools before you give away money for "poor" kids to go to private schools. But wait, you think your "No Child Left Behind" law is working... that's the problem.

Man... the camera man is still falling asleep and we can't change channel because DH had to see the silly stuff more than once and replay what he talked through for me.

Clean air for India and China went over like a lead balloon.

Does anyone else think that the blue tie foretells that the next President with be a democrat?

Poor military man who was holding in a belch when the camera was on him...hopefully it wasn't indigestion. The second time the camera was on him you could tell he was not feeling well... wonder if his collar is too tight. Yep, he is definitely not well... looks like he just puked in his mouth a bit.

There she goes again... burning those calories by exercising her mouth... the fish face is particularly flattering. :)

Is anyone counting the applause or the "terror" references?

Well... he is repeating himself, time for it to be over.

Alright, scare tactics are annoying Hilary, either that or she is annoyed that John McCain didn't show. Another thought... she is really ticked off at the Kennedys.

Whoops... Laura Bush was making faces during her close up! Kinda looked like the little plant from "Little Shop of Horrors"

Hey, There are autograph hounds at the State of the Union too!

I better get back to work!


Kristi said...

ROFL!! OMG, your recap of the speech was FAR more interesting than watching it (which I didn't). I have just one issue with what you said - I actually thought the blue tie was quite handsome. ;) LOL

Deb said...

Oh, I didn't mean we didn't like the tie... just thought it was an interesting choice.

However, DH did notice that Madame Speaker was just about the only person not going along with the Red, White, and Blue theme for the evening.

jp said...

Thanks so much for your good thoughts! Every single one helps so much-