Sunday, January 16, 2011

Limbo forever?

Sometimes I feel like my life will be in limbo forever. I realize that isn't possible. Everyday things change. I just feel stuck....

Of course what the doctor said on Friday didn't really help much. She believes it is just a typical monthly follicle that formed a cyst and that this is happening every month or two. She claims that since it didn't change either it is a new one or it just hasn't been given enough time to disappear yet. Three options. Use some form of hormonal birth control to see if that stops the pain/stops the formation of cysts, get another ultrasound in 6-8 weeks to see if the cyst disappears or if there is another, undergo an laparoscopy to see what is going on. I opted for a month or two of the nuvaring to see if I can tolerate it/if the pain suddenly disappears. No guarantee it won't piss off my blood pressure so need to keep an eye on that and just DWI. If the nuvaring doesn't work/can't be used then I'm going to ask for another ultrasound. If there is still a cyst there then it is time for surgery. I'm not sure how I will handle it if it works. Does that mean that I am actually ovulating occassionally? Or is it one of these things where the follicle is forming but not releasing the egg? I don't know.

But, I am strangely holding out hope that the GI doctor has a definite cause on Tuesday.

Grrrrrrr. I had really hoped to be out of pain by my birthday.

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